Julian Drebert

  • Age 31 Years
  • Nationality Germany
  • Birthday Oct 1991
Former Sharp-Clan Valorant Leader with a background in business and Real Estate Investment Management. Esports Enthusiast since Counter-Strike 1.3. Passionate about all things gaming including blockchain and Web3. Focusing to build the best Web3 gaming Team over several Web3 games.

Francisco Reinhard

  • Age 29 Years
  • Nationality Germany
  • Birthday Nov 1993
Former Sharp-Clan team member with a background in Growth and Community building. Game enthusiast since his early days, especially in card games like magic the gathering and hearthstone. Spends most of his time supporting companies in the web3 space.

Ben Labudda

  • Age 34 Years
  • Nationality Germany
  • Birthday Apr 1988
Data analysis specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the igaming industry. Advisor role in several gaming companies and Co founder of sharp influencer agency. Web3 enthusiast and avid fantasy sports player.
Research Analyst

Joshua Davies

  • Age 21 Years
  • Nationality England, Germany
  • Birthday Sep 2001
Former FIFA-Pro with a Soccer Background. Into Crypto since my 18th Birthday, discovered Sorare early 2020 and was able to gather experience in Marketing and Community Building. Looking for investment opportunities for future web3 esports gaming.
Art Director

Alperen Çeliker

  • Age 24 Years
  • Nationality Turkey
  • Birthday May 1998
Graphic Designer with more than 8 years of experience. I got into the crypto industry 2 years ago and I support projects in the web3 field and continue to direct their creative directories.

Nico Fischer

  • Age 24 Years
  • Nationality Germany
  • Birthday May 1998
IT-Specialist for Network- and Systemadministration with web-development background since my youth. I got into crypto about 3 years ago and learned web3 programming by myself.