Sharp Gaming opening the gates

Crytpo gaming has been growing fast over 2021. In our opinion 2023 will be the year where growth will increase rapidly. A lot of opportunities connecting new people and getting that life changing money by influencing the future of Esports. There might be a lot of first movers but there isn’t a strong team out there like Sharp Gaming.Our organization can help regular gamers to enter the web3 Gaming scene without any knowledge. 

Sharp Gaming is a Team of successful Web3 enthusiasts who have been around in different areas of crypto/web3. After sourcing all market possibilities which are offered by web3 we decided to open our own Esports organization to build the bridge between Esports and web3. 

Why Sharp Gaming?

As we have a deep knowledge in NFT / Play-To-Earn we can choose the best and most profitable web3 games. We acquire professional gamers from web2 games to get their first step into web3 games. Therefore we provide them with all NFTs they need. We connect the strongest contenders with asset holders to contend in tournaments and gaming. 

If you are already a player with a dream and big goals, Sharp gaming can help you connect to the crypto market, that means you don’t have to buy an NFT and invest your own money. The same applies for NFT holders who have no time for gaming. We can connect you to professional gamers to make your NFT the most valuable. 

”Right now we are already in contact with TFT and Hearthstone professionals for Eternal Dragons: Strife. Sharp gaming already invested over 40.000 $ to get the best web3 NFTs for the upcoming game by trailblazer games. For Newcomers we will provide scholarships to get into web3.” Julian Drebert, Leader