Sharp Gaming invest in Eternal Dragons

We are glad making our step in supporting the growing web3 gaming ecosystem through our investment in Eternal Dragons and making web3 esport accessible to everyone. Eternal Dragon is a promising project with an expert team behind it.

The founders of Eternal Dragons worked at King, EA and Microsoft. In our opinion “Eternal Dragons: Strife” is the right step to bring web3 gaming into Esport. 

With this Expert team behind our team decided to invest in Eternal Dragons NFTs to get the best possible Genesis Dragons for their players which will be recruited soon. We went through the minting process of 10 Batches and also bought Dragons on MagicEden. 

We provide our players with the best Dragons out there to compete in upcoming tournaments. 

”While working with Eternal Dragons as Community Growth Manager and talking to the expert team behind it, we quickly figured out that Eternal Dragons might be the best web3 game for Esports. Therefore we decided to invest in the Eternal Dragon Genesis Collection – limited to 10.000 Dragons. Our team holds over 500 of Dragons of this collection” Francisco Reinhard, Co-Leader