The epic new gaming series Eternal Dragons is brought to you by Trailblazer Games. Trailblazer Games is a Web3-native gaming studio formed by a team consisting of three serial entrepreneurs and veteran gaming industry leaders from the likes of King, EA and Microsoft, who have experience in building large-scale and sustainable free-to-play economies. They are united by a shared passion for creating engaging and entertaining gaming experiences.

The core gameplay of Eternal Dragons – Chapter1: Strife is based on the fun and engaging gameplay with a proven track record in auto chess and similar auto battler games. These games have a good balance of strategy and tactics, and skill vs luck as well as several levers to control this balance.

Leagues and Tournaments

As players improve, acquire more Dragons and level up their Dragons, they’ll become more and more powerful. That means they can climb the ranks and fight in the really high stakes competitions where the rewards are more valuable, and can even be the Eternal Dragons token $EDQ.

The core gameplay is also designed to suit Esports-style tournaments, which can even be initiated by players. This could e.g. allow players and token holders to set an entry fee to a tournament of their choice, and invite competitors to battle it out for the rewards pool.

Game Design